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     When a married couple decides to end their marriage, a divorce action is filed.  Under Georgia Law, there are three primary ways an individual can obtain a divorce.  The first is an Uncontested Divorce, where both spouses agree to a division of property and debt division, as well as custody and child support/alimony.  The second method of obtaining a divorce is a Regular or Contested Divorce.  In this method, the spouses are not in agreement with one or more of the issues. Once the action is filed, the other spouse is served. In many, if not all jurisdictions, mediation must take place in an attempt to settle the case before a final trial. The last method of getting a divorce is a Divorce by Publication.  This is not a frequently used method and is utilized when one party does not know whereabouts of their spouse.  When a divorce is filed, you want an attorney who knows the law so that ALL of the assets and debts of the marriage are equitably divided and the marriage is dissolved.  Jon L. Weinberg, PC has been handling divorces in Georgia for over 25 years.  Attorney Weinberg knows the law and how to fight for your rights. Call (770) 443-9045 for an appointment.