Most judges in divorce actions desire both parents to be a part of the child's life, in other words, co-parent.  This means that both parents have significant involvement in the child's life with parenting-time to both.  However, one parent is usually designated as the primary physical custodian and makes the meaningful decisions of the minor child, such as education and medial care.  The judge is required by Georgia Law to use the standard of "best interest" of the child first in determining which parent will be considered the "primary physical custodian."  Many factors are taken into consideration in this decision. Some of these factors include the relationship between the parent and child; the parent's prior involvement in the child's life; the parent's ability to take the child to the pediatrician and the ability to take the child to extracurricular activities, just to name a few.  Jon L. Weinberg, PC has been handling divorces which involved custody for over 25 years.  Call (770) 443-9045 for an appointment.

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